Wednesday, December 1, 2010

an odd start...

i only had a few minutes.
in between things.
i scooted to the store real fast to get the goodies
for pay it forward day (see post below)

i was totally excited and tickled and got the goods
and went up to the cashier.
between being excited, tickled and rushed, i was
in a pretty good mood.
one person in front of me.
i just stood there smilin' at them.
when it was my turn, i plopped my stuff down
and said a real friendly hello.

it was all candy and cookies.
the cashier commented.
i laughed and told her about pay it forward day
and how i was all excited about it.

she said 'no wonder you're so.......'
and she stopped.

could she read my mind???

cause my mind was thinking 'if you say bubbly,
i'll have to pummel you.'

i'm laughing as i type this.
cause i so so so hate that.

i wanted to shout out 'I'M LIKE THIS A LOT PEOPLE!

there musta been some psychic understanding as she
never finished the sentence and we went on to discussing
the idea and the day. and how the world needed lots
of days like that.

as i walked to my car, i laughed to myself.
ter, thinking you're gonna pummel anyone who calls you bubbly
prolly really isn't a good start to the day.... did make me laugh.


Merry ME said...

How about you're like Dom Perignon foaming down the side of the bottle right after the cork had flown off? Bubbly, yes, but full of energy, joy and deliciousnes.

AlmightyHeidi said...

Love it!!

Peggi said...

How about effervescent?! It sounds so sophisticated!