Thursday, December 2, 2010

in between magic and holy

noah and zakk and i are making a christmas present.
i can't say anymore as you never know who's looking.
last nite found us all out in the shed workin'.

welding is involved.
i don't know how to weld and want to learn.
so, last nite i got my very first lesson.
and no, i didn't weld. i just watched, asked a million
questions...and tried to learn.

i have never watched up close like this before.
this is the first time i saw the metal get so hot it glowed.
and i saw everything kinda melt together.

i stood there in complete awe.
i honestly felt like i was watching something that was
somewhere in between magic and holy.

the glow really got me.
the way it all just came together.
it was awesome.
and something i definitely want to be part of.
i'm pretty sure welding is in my future.

this morning i wrote an email to a friend about some
stuff goin' on inside of me. at first i said i was
'learning' things...then realized that what was prolly
really going on was that things were shifting deeper
inside of me.

and as i wrote of the different shifts, i realized it covered
god, work, living, and love.
hmmmm....that's a pretty big swoop of stuff.
and what is amazing me is how these shifts are kinda
all workin' together. overlapping and melting together.

i thought of that glow last nite in the shed.
and that melding that sorta happened right before your
eyes but at the same time didn't. it was just there when
you were done. i thought of how it felt in between magic
and holy. and i thought of how this shifting goin' on
inside me feels that way too. feels way similar to what
i watched last nite in the shed.

i walked and looked at the trees.
their arms are bare now. the leaves are gone.
when did that happen? i've been watchin' and watchin'.
and yet never really saw it happen.

i looked at the tones of color in the sky and how they
matched the tones of color in the trees. it was so
beautiful i wanted to cry.

i thought of that idea....'in between magic and holy.'

man, that's all around, isn't it??

and you don't even need special goggles to watch.

how cool is that?!