Thursday, December 2, 2010

magic is my word today!

long after i posted my post below, i received
the coolest thing in the mail...

my buddy sent me a christmas bag full of slips
of red and green paper with a word on each piece.
on one side is the word, on the other a quote
relating to that word.

the idea is to pull one each day and have that word
floating around with me all day. something to hold
and keep in mind.

which couldn't be more perfect....i love that kinda

well, COULD be more perfect.
cause guess what word i picked as soon as i opened


i couldn't believe it.

it reminded me of my thoughts this morning as i walked
(see post below)...and it reminded me that magic is
absolutely everywhere.

'specially in my buddy's heart.

feelin' the magic of the season tonite...
and lovin' it!

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

I have just smiled for the first time today.
I don't mean to sound overly dramatic but I feel worn down. But this post is a reminder that 1) I'm not alone, 2) my idea worked! and 3) there is magic in the air at this time of year. I sooooooo thank you. It's just what I needed.

I'm glad it made you smile too!