Friday, December 3, 2010

tweakin' my grooves...

i bopped around the block today at a really good clip.
my energy is up this morning and it was cold out.
between the two, i kept moving.

was just turnin' light out. light gray.
and the moon was out with a star right there near by
and there was this great feelin' in the air.

at one point i started humming and then shushed myself.
it seemed like the humming would disturb the morning.
it wasn't ready yet for humming.

i tried to figure out the word that described the sky.
'magic' wasn't right.
'potential' wasn't right either.
all i could think of was 'dusky dawn.'

i sailed thru the dusky dawn thinking.
started thinking about people's processes.
their choices, their way of doin' things.
no one wants anyone else's way. we all want our own
and we all want to be left alone to do it our own way.

i pictured my own self.
i saw this old sailboat (that would be me)(i wonder what
that means in fruedian terms...picturing yourself as an
old sailboat...)

i saw this old sailboat goin' thru this groove in the
water. the groove was my way of doin' things. it was
the groove i followed.

if we all do this....make our own grooves in the water,
and pretty much want to stick with whatever grooves we
make...seems to me like it's a good idea to keep lookin'
at that groove. and to keep tweakin' that groove.

so that when you say to someone 'i need to live my way.'
you at least are payin' attention to what that means.

i'm not sure, cause how do you ever really know, but it looks
to me like a lotta people never tweak their grooves.

thinking about that as i headed in, i decided to look at
my grooves as i go thru the day today. gonna be a tweak
my groove kinda day around here....

cause i'm thinking it so totally matters.

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