Saturday, December 18, 2010

gratitude filled chaos...

i do not know why i like happy chaos.
but i really really do.

this morning has been chaotic, and i've
found a smile on my face thru most of it...

i literally run thru the house to get to the next
thing, i smile as i go and i'm thinking okay,
if i do this, then i can do this, and then that.

i know that in a few hours i'll be calm and snugglin'
in quietly. but for now it's crazy running.

and i find that delicious.

i guess cause i know it'll stop.

and it's all fun stuff.

as i go zip into a quick hot shower, i'm gonna
say a prayer of gratitude....

that's another thing.........i can zip again.
my back is better.
zipping never felt so good...

i have a lot to be grateful for!

1 comment:

Wild Roaming One (WRO) said...

because i needed a reminder to be grateful for something today, i'm going to join you terri...

i'm grateful for gas in my car & the $ buy tickets for the first play w/ daughter and friends...& my parents home that's still my home & place to land softly.

thank you friend...

WRO xo