Friday, December 17, 2010

a thought

take three.

i have a thought in my head i don't know how to get out.
tried twice here and deleted both times.

it's a good one.
it's a brilliant one.
and it's not mine.
maybe that's why i can't get it out right...

i keep wording it wrong.
so i think i'll go right to the point.....
maybe concise is the way to go...

whenever you get two people any kinda
relationship.......there are differences. always. fact.
(and go for the many different kinda relationships, it's fun
to put this on them all!)

when the differences are obvious, you're more aware of them
and you work harder at acceptance and appreciating.

or that's a possibility anyway. hopefully you do.
if it's someone you love, you do.

but when the differences aren't so obvious, it's easier
to get into a false kinda rhythm. where you just assume
you're the same. and you don't notice the differences as much.
but they're still there.

that 'taking for granted' is sooooo much easier then.
and the differences slide off to the side...

the 'real' seeing becomes a skewed seeing.

i've experienced both ends of the spectrum in significant relationships.
and this thought just totally wowed me.
i totally totally could see how the taking for granted would happen
with the less obvious differences.
i've lived it...and it really did a whole lotta damage. the seeing
became so skewed.

i think it's totally true.

so what to do i want to do with it?
one thing is appreciate the challenges i have in my relationships
and realize that they're keeping me awake and present to who i
am working with. present is good. working on embracing the all is good.

and the other thing is to spend some time looking at the relationships
where the differences are less obvious. and see where i'm taking
those people for granted......not being present. not embracing the all.

how cool would that be??

i don't know if i've made the sense i wanted to here.
or gotten across how big i think this is.....

you know how some thing just feel holy??
and some things like 'taking people for granted'...well...
wow....they just feel so not holy.

it's just given me a lot to think about today.....

1 comment:

Sherry said...

Oh my goodness Terri, I read this blog now, as I'm sitting here suffering the frustrations of one of those "subtle differences" relationships. You hit the nail on the head with that one! Thank you for acknowledging and identifying it. I don't think I'm quite at the level you are yet though, don't think I can be big enough to start hunting out those sneaky hidden differences...but it's good to have it illuminated! Thank you!