Thursday, December 16, 2010

the fear is gone...well, that one anyway......

i took a walk this morning and realized something.

there's been something in my life for a long time
that has produced a lot of fear in me.

and while i knew that lately my thinking about it
wasn't stemmed from fear, it wasn't until this morning
that i realized i'm not afraid of it anymore.

the fear is gone.

i think there comes a time when it's just been too long,
and where the hurt's happened,what you feared already
happened and where it truly just comes to be one of those
'it is what it is' things.

the hurt's happened already.
give me a break, i don't care anymore.

i've moved on to other things.

it was so weird to see that for the first time this morning.

it made me think of someone who tried to punish me once.
over and over and over.

ya know, after awhile....who cares anymore?
stuff may still hurt, that's for sure. but the power of
it all is gone.

and that's really cool!

and stepping back in both these situations and looking,
i'm amazed......i grew stronger. the source of my fear

sometimes life astounds me.

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