Wednesday, December 15, 2010

good stuff.......

someone wrote me today and mentioned fears,
and alchemy and holy dancing light......

those things all mixed together
and tears came to my eyes.

i just leaned back and thought and felt......

something's goin' on inside of me.

real changes.

heck, i still don't know what on earth i'm
doin....but i'm opening more to being vulnerable
and i'm opening more to trust....and i'm tryin'
so hard to love....and i think i'm really learnin'

all the effort, all the work....i truly believe
it's startin' to kick in.

oh, i'm tryin' to figure something out right now
that's really really really hard for me. and i'm
not feelin' like i have a handle on it.

but here's the thing....

i'm remembering that the handle isn't what's important.

i'm actually remembering that.

it's being who i want to be as i muddle around and
fumble and stand with grace, and then slip in the

it's remembering who i want to be......
and that is ticklin me a lot tonite.....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

These thoughts call to mind a powerful hymn by Carey Landry. "Dance in the darkness, slow be the pace.
Surrender to the rhythm of redeeming grace."