Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a temple

noah joined me on an early morning walk.
it was dark out.
stars were shining...
street lights goin'...
nice and cold.

walking up the hill, the street lights end.
and you hit a brief area of trees. most have been cut
down, but there's still enough in the dark to feel like
you hit the woods. and without the street lights it
really feels like it.

we looked up....there was a bright planet shining in
the sky along with some stars. the dark tree branches
reaching up.

i stopped and just quietly whispered 'loooook....'
noah stopped and we both just stood there in this
reverent quiet, just looking.

'it's like we walked into a temple....' i whispered.

and it really felt like it.

we kept goin'.
and on the way back, we stopped in the same spot
once again.

i noticed it was the same spot.
same tree.

'some places just feel holy,' i thought.

how lucky we found it twice this morning........

1 comment:

Sorrow said...

I feel that way every night when I walk into my children's rooms and see them laying there sleeping. It feels so Holy and I am filled with such gratitude...