Tuesday, December 14, 2010

little things

when we get a web sale at bone sigh arts,
if you found us thru a shop, we share the sale
with them. even if you'll never go back to that
shop....if you were just passing thru and live
on the other side of the country, we still share
the sale. and every time you re-order, the sale is

i've had some eye rollin' and squirmin' from friends
who want me to get what i can and who want to take
care of me....but i just tell them it's part of the deal.

that it's really quite fun.

mostly the checks are really small. sometimes just
enough for a really good cup of coffee. but sometimes
they're larger and sometimes they're downright decent.

what happens ranges.
some shop owners never say a word, and cash the check.

i have one shop owner i'm buds with and she always tells
me what perfect timing it was and what she's gonna go
get. it's ranged from something fun to drink, to groceries,
to some special yarn she'd been wanting.

i had one shop owner write me because she was so moved
as no one had ever done that before in all her years of
working with artists. and i think it was then something
turned for her and i and we really got cookin' with
workin' together well.

well....i just heard the most delightful thing from the
latest share we sent. it was one of the more decent checks.
and the shop owner was delighted. it was her first web
sale check from us.

she wrote and said they were going to think of something
extra special to do with it. her wording made me think
it's gonna be a surprise for someone else. wouldn't that
be fun??? whether it's something special for them or
someone else....it's so fun to hear her delight!

i just got back from running errands.
it's freezing out and i love it.
xmas music everywhere, cold wind whooshin' around
as you get in and out of the car....and just havin' fun
lookin' for one special topper for something for josh.

i came home in such a holiday mood and found that note.
i smiled.

i love that part of my business.
sharin' and workin' together......

there sure are some really cool little things to feel
good about.

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