Monday, December 27, 2010

holiday week

i've beeen indulging a lot this holiday season.
ohmygoodness, yes.

i don't remember ever having so many lattes.
throw in the sweets from all directions,
no regular meals, zakk's new coffee maker,
the only exercise being a walk up to get a latte...

and changes. my body does and my energy does.

i was figuring it was all great because come january first
it's over, i'm seriously committed to some new resolutions.

i've done this before. this is the way the end of
the year rolls for me...

and this is the first year in my life EVER that
i'm seein' it as totally crazy.
and i've decided to back out of it a bit.

i think i'm full up on lattes and sweets.
ahhh....not true tho......i know i'll get a craving
now that i have my sugar monster goin' wild inside.

so i figure i'll drastically slow down, and maybe
feed it a tiny bit here and there before the first...
but gonna start gettin' it in training.

exercise is sounding good and i'm thinking it's
gonna have to be a bit more incorporated this week
than i had planned.

and the list goes on and on....

and believe it or not, this has excited me.
cause this is the first time in my life that being
healthy actually isn't a chore, or a loss, or a sacrifice.

it's really something that feels good, something i want
MORE than the other stuff.

oh my gosh.
did i really say that???

i think this other stuff just SEEMS like it feels good...
but my body sure isn't convinced.
and this is pretty exciting for me as i've never felt
like this before!

oh, there's gonna be time off of work, sleeping late,
wonderful stuff like that....but that feels healthy.
feels like a break i need.

so i'll be workin' on my resolutions this week,
and i think gearin' up for them in a different way
this year....

and that right there gives me a whole lotta hope for
this coming year.


Anonymous said...

i can hear the enthusiasm in your voice here go!


Pamela Jones said...

How about intentions? A list of promises made to yourself.