Monday, December 13, 2010

really good medicine

in my head i totally understand that everyone has
different tastes.

of course.

so why is it i can't believe that not everyone
loves pottery???

things like that.
i really look at a beautiful piece of pottery and
i'm convinced that everyone must see the beauty.

i always laugh at myself over that.
terri. let other people have different tastes.

so, in my head, i understand that just cause bein'
outside does something so healing for me, i
get that maybe other people really have different
ways of centering themselves.

but i don't really believe it.

grinnin' here.
it's part of my thick headed nature.

i took a walk in the snow this morning.
there's not much snow.
just enough to be beautiful.
and exciting.
and filled with the holiday feeling.

noah came along, so i knew i wouldn't be thinking
thru things. we'd just chat.

i also knew my heart needed a little attention.
figured i'd tend to it later.

but as i walked, and delighted in the snow and
my son, i could feel my heart just get lighter.
i could feel it.

i mentioned it to noah.

'my heart just FEELS lighter.'

so, okay, i know logically that not everyone is gonna
have the same reaction outside.

but i had to put this out there.
i really did.

strugglin'? just not feelin' so great?
try a walk.
try a walk.

see if it works.
it's the best medicine i ever take.

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