Monday, December 13, 2010

pick wisely...

i've always said she's like my soul mate.
i have never ever had anyone get so close inside
me like she does.

and there she was....
askin' me....'what are you doin'??'
'what happened to speaking your truth??'
'what are you doin' here?'

some things i just want to be easier than they are.
if i just shut up, maybe they'll be easier.

but the MOMENT she said that, i knew she was right.
i wasn't living how i wanted to.
and it certainly wasn't making anything easier.
just false.
she's been with me almost the whole way of this truth

we've had soooooo many conversations about it.
so many practice moments.
i thought i had it down, ya know?

i thought i knew how to speak my truth.
it's been years of learning.
years and years.

thing is....there's always a challenge, isn't there?

and if it's the process and not the goal that matters,
than the challenge is okay.

i'm tryin' to remember that and know that.
and i mostly believe it.
prolly totally believe it.
just don't always like it.

but i tell ya, what i feel most grateful for at this
moment is her voice in my ear pushin' me to be who
i really am.

when someone does that they're tellin' you two really
big things.....

who you are counts.
and you have the strength to pull it off even when it's
hard. they believe in you.

they believe in you.

and yeah, that's what friends are for.
but i think you're really lucky when you get a friend
who's willing to go out on a limb and tell you that
you aren't living your truth.

and when you trust them enough to see the truth in what
they say.

sometimes i feel like the luckiest person on the planet
to have the circle of friends that i do.

pick wisely, cause a good network can make all the difference
in your life.....

pick wisely.

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