Tuesday, December 14, 2010

star wash

it's way too cold and windy out not to get in it.
bundled up and out i went.
decided to take an extra long walk for a change.
i needed it.
i have missed this walkin' way too much.

walkin' along tryin' to figure something out.
it's not untangling.
just goin' around in circles.

i finally realize it's one big frustrating circle
for me right now and i'm gettin' nowhere.
so i visualized a metal hoop (too much welding on
the brain) and i hung it up in a tree.

leave it there for now.
enough already.

turning my face to the wind, i close my eyes
and let it wash over me.

hmmmm....normally that's enough to just clean me
off. make me feel good.

but it's feelin' like there's too much gunk of
the world inside of me.

all kindsa gunky gunk.

i don't want this gunk in me.

this is more than just an outside wash that the
wind can do. i need more.

i know what i need.

and so i visualize turning myself inside out.


my insides are now on my outsides.


but ohhhhhhh soooo good.

the wind comes whipping by again.

i close my eyes.

'clean off those stars,' i think.
'just clean the gunk off my stars.'

i release into the wind and the cold.
i look at the sky.

i feel so tiny.

gettin' my little stars washed.

walkin' along in my neighborhood, i saw it
as a giant star wash. pop a coin in here
and away you go...

i didn't want to go in.
wandering around my yard collecting greenery
to bring inside i felt my stars.


definitely better.

there is nothing so cleansing like a cold
winter wind...


AkasaWolfSong said...

I'm so with you on this one Ter...

I'm gettin' ready to do the same thing and it is 3 degrees here right now...brrr! But it is time to shake off the wooleyboogers!

Have a Starlit Day Dear Heart!

Camille Olivia said...

"cleaning off my stars"...oh how I LOVE that! thanks, ter!