Monday, December 20, 2010

the temple

'hey! you wanna take a walk?!' i asked, as if we've
never done that in the morning.

i just hadn't planned on him being up and there he
was and he hadn't gotten into the shower yet and
he was dressed and standing there.

he looked like he was ready for a walk.

and so he joined me.

it was still dark. wouldn't get light til after
we got home.

he grabbed his camera this time and off we went.

as we were walkin' up to the wooded part, he commented
on how beautiful it was.

and as we hit the part that i call 'the temple' i
kept going.

his voice was so great.
he was just amazed and indignant and shocked.

'you're not stopping.'

i had to laugh.


of course.
i'll stop.

and i laughed.

i loved that he felt it was too beautiful to just
walk by.

he took some pictures of the branches reaching for
the sky. i stood there and watched and loved it.

i had a thought standing there.

i used to take walks with my dad.
from when i was really young all the way to when i was
an adult. i loved them. and i still look back on them with
great fondness.

whenever i walk with noah, i always think about what
a treat it is for me. i have never once thought about
how when i'm gone, it's something he might look back
on with great fondness.

i had never even thought of that.

looking up at the trees and the star in the sky,
i felt so i truly was standing in
a temple. like we existed in a temple.

if only we could remember it when it got light out....

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

I think you will.
You'll have Noah's pictures to remind you.
I love it when everything comes together for a moment of magic!