Tuesday, December 21, 2010

my moon

so okay, somehow i managed to wake at the right time,
get myself out of that warm bed, wrap a blanket around
myself and tiptoe outside to see the moon and the
big doin's they've been talkin' about.

and sure enough...it was doin' its thing.
it looked way different...reddish....
i didn't see the 'blood red' that i have heard...
but i saw reddish.

and my reaction???

my reaction completely surprised me.

i didn't like it.
not one bit.

'ter. what's the matter with you??' i asked myself.
'this is a really big deal. way cool. once in a gazillion years.
what's not to like???'

'it's messin' with my moon.' was my answer.

and you woulda thought i was five years old.

and i wasn't kidding.

it amazed me.

i knew it was momentary. i knew it wouldn't last.
i knew it was a really cool thing.

and i didn't like it.

this morning when i went out for a walk, it was
still dark. and the moon was back to my moon.
all big and bright and glowing.

'ahhhhhhhh.......there she is,' i thought.

'terri, you are a weirdo.' i also thought.

yeah, but a weirdo who has her moon back.

don't mess with my moon.

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Wild Roaming One (WRO) said...

300 odd yrs since the last solstice lunar eclipse...and it can be another 300 for me too terri!