Wednesday, December 22, 2010

me and the moon

okay, so i don't usually write about my cycle.
i try to be discrete and private with that stuff,
and low key. you know me. a low key kinda gal.

but i can't help it....cause this is too cool!

me and the moon had been having the same cycle
for a few years. and i thought it was the coolest
thing. full moon, and i'd have my period.
it was so cool.

it got to the point that whenever my sons or my
guy saw the full moon, they thought of me having
my period!!! now how awesome is that???

then i got outta sync and i was so bummed.
but then!!! it didn't take long for me to be back
in the rhythm again. and again, i was thrilled.
i thought it would take me years to get back on
track! and at my age, who can tell if i've got
those years!

but it happened fast.
but you know, it wasn't dead on. it was close,
but not dead on. but close enough to tickle me.

saturday i was due. but nothing.
monday evening i commented that i was wonderin'
where it was.

my guy, who REALLY never talks about this stuff.
who never talks about this stuff so much that it
makes me laugh as i'm all into it....

that guy looks over at me and says 'maybe you'll
start on solstice. it'll be like a triple whammy.'

i gasped.

i actually gasped with delight.

'ohmygosh, wouldn't that be the coolest thing???'

so yesterday (on solstice) when it landed in full
splendor i practically squealed!

and when my guy stopped by later, i gave him a hug
and said 'guess what?!! BIG NEWS!'
and with such enthusiasm i told him.

he shook his head and laughed.
and i clapped.

cause i think it's the coolest thing ever.

that nite as the guys and i drove around looking
at xmas lights, i kept looking at the moon and
saying 'me and the moon. we're in tune.'

me and the moon.
we're in tune.

and i can't tell you how totally delighted i am.