Wednesday, December 22, 2010

joy stealing

just a thought that's been on my brain....

joy stealers don't know they're joy stealers.

well, some probably know.
but i think most of us steal joy without even
knowing we do.

wanted to throw that out here so we all might
think about watching a little more carefully
this season.

there's a million ways to steal joy......
words, reactions, tones, lack of tones, all
kindsa ways.

when people are joyful around you, it's a gift.
ya know?

it's a gift.

let's not smash matter how unintentional
it is.

let's help magnify it and grow it. i mean...WHY NOT???
how hard is it to just encourage someone with their
own happiness???

something to think about this holiday season.....


Mama Sebo said...

So true. Thanks for the lovely reminder. Grow it, it can be infinite!

Jennifer said...

I try, I hope I heart feels I share my smiles, spirit of hope - and if that is not so...I pray I'm woman enough to be gently told so I make a difference. Because that's the gift I want to give - it's what I've been given time and time again. With Love, Jennifer