Friday, December 10, 2010


zakk walked in with a 'how you doing, mom?'

'happy!' i answered.

'happy, happy, happy!'

he grinned and asked how come.

'don't know, just am.'

and then as i zipped around a bit, i realized
i was zipping around a bit.

i'm zipping around!!!

i haven't zipped in a week.

for days and days and days i couldn't even
stand up straight.

and right then, i was zippin.

granted, it was slower speed zippin' than my
normal zippin. but still....there was zip involved.

ohmygosh.....did i appreciate movement.
did i appreciate standing up straight.

i tidied up a bit like i hadn't in a week.

even tidying felt glorious.

amazing how if you take away some of your good
health, it changes everything.

i thought of people with chronic pain.
and i soooo sympathized.
and i soooooo rejoiced in the zip i felt comin'

just in time too.
we're finally celebratin' josh's birthday today.
and i'll need some zip.

thing is....i'm so excited about my zip, that the
guys are gonna wish i still couldn't stand up
straight....just to slow me down a bit!

watch out i come.....


AkasaWolfSong said...

Zippety Do Dah...Zippity aaay!
My oh my what a wonderful day!

Plenty of sunshine coming your way
Zippity Do Dah...Zippity aaay!

Here's to zippin' Blessed Star!

Big Hugs! :)

Merry ME said...

Have a zippitty doo dah day!