Sunday, January 9, 2011

another quote... another quote that i wanted to share.
this came in the note i mentioned a few blogs down.
a friend sent me this in the mail....and it truly moved

again from oriah mountain dreamer -

'i cannot save myself, nor those i love, from the sorrow
that is part of life. knowing this, it is tempting to
protect myself from pain by simply closing a little to
life, especially in the areas where i have been hurt, in
the areas that matter most...we live in a culture that
wants only the times of fullness, that often denies our
right the fading times. we have forgotten that there can
be no full moon without the existence at other times of the
tiny sliver of light surrounded by darkness. the fullness
of summer is held, on the opposite side of the wheel, by
the time of the longest night. to be separated from these
cycles of the world, from the births and deaths, is to
be separated from life itself. but still we work frantically,
seeking the knowledge that will put humans outside this natural
cycle of blossoming and decay.'

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