Monday, January 10, 2011

last quote

there was a third quote i wanted to share from that
letter of mine i got recently.

looking at it this morning, i kinda shook my head in
amazement. this has been the topic on my mind this last
week. and last nite i found myself writing to someone
who is really struggling with not being able to stop
something horrible.

does that happen to all of us sooner or later?
i wonder....
if we live long enough, do we all bump into something
up close and personal, right in our face, that is
so awful that we are sure it must be stopped and find that
we can't stop it?
is it different than the horrible stuff we hear on the
news? is it different because it's ours somehow?
and if we really understood the stuff on the news was
truly ours, could we cope?
i wonder about it all....
and i wonder how we come to terms with it.

and then i read this quote, close my eyes, and let it
soak in...

'and all the while, deep inside, i know what i have always
known: that the knowledge will never be enough. this is the
secret we keep from ourselves. and the moment is revealed,
we become aware of a need for something else: for the wisdom
to live with what we do not know, what we cannot control,
what is painful - and still choose life.

and all the while, wisdom asks us to choose life. she does
not want us to just continue, to hang on, to survive. she asks
us to experience life actively, fully, every day - to show up
for all of it.' (oriah mountain dreamer)

what a quote, huh?
and not such an easy task.......


Jaime said...

This is exactly what I needed to hear/read this morning. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

been reading about the Norse gods.
Odin gave his eye for wisdom.
here you go...
And it still wasn't enough..
Don't that beat all?
My weird is showing today!