Tuesday, January 11, 2011

his glow

when my kids were little, we listened to a whole lot of
children's music and stories. i totally had my favorite
songs, stories and creators of those.
and tom chapin was one of them. he has this song about
this kid named bruno who lives in a telephone booth that
was my absolute favorite.

bruno would keep tellin' everyone there was 'plenty of
room' and to 'come on in!' and you ended up with the
county choir in there and fire trucks and a whole wonderful
assortment of things.

i loved this song. and i loved the man who sung it with such
a twinkle. you could feel his twinkle all thru the song.

well, last nite i got to go see this man do his thing at
the local college! i got the best seat in the house and
sat there with josh on one side and a girlfriend on the other
and just soaked him up.

he doesn't just do kids' music. that's just what i knew
him from. i don't even know what you call what he does...
stories from the heart folk kinda stuff....

on the way down, my girlfriend and i were talking and i said
'what i really want to do is just go see a good, gentle guy
who's following his dreams, that's what i want to see.'

and that's what i saw.

i loved his music, yes.
i loved his talking thru-out and giving us a little history
of him and his late brother, harry. (harry chapin - cats in
the cradle, guy)
but what i was soakin' in was this man's spirit.

he positively glowed.
his smile wrapped around my heart and just held it.

i knew i was soaking in his spirit.
i knew i needed it for some reason.
i just needed to see someone who loved what he was doing so
much. and believed in what he was doing so much.
and glowed about it.

i couldn't have enjoyed it more.
when we all climbed back in the car, each one of us
was sayin' how wonderful the show was.
one of the best ever.

i'm gonna carry his glow around today.
sometimes you just need to see that kinda thing....

1 comment:

AkasaWolfSong said...

I bet that was incredible Ter!

I've heard him sing on television with Harry. Too bad Harry is no longer with us as I considered him to be one of the greatest story tellers of all time. I'll have to head over to You Tube now and see if I can find any by Tom and see if I can recall any of them.

I'm glad you had such a great time. Music can move us like nothing else.

Blessings and Much Love!