Saturday, January 1, 2011

the fist day...

i woke up this morning and didn't move.
just lay right there.
soakin' in the new year.

i thought of the possibilities that were ahead,
and a whole fresh start.

i don't remember ever being this moved about a new year

i remembered how i felt before i turned 40.
i remember being really excited about it.
i wondered if it being my 50th year if that had something
to do with it.

and maybe also that i feel like i've learned stuff i want to take
into the year with me.

i don't know.
i guess there's a whole lotta reasons.

it's a new year.
a whole new clean slate.

and this morning i am completely aware of the value of the gift.
and it feels like one heck of a way to step on in and begin again.

happy new year!

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