Sunday, January 2, 2011


as if i needed a little more in the lesson
of time flying, i'm meeting up with a friend
i've known for 35 years today.

we keep in touch, so it won't be seein' someone
out of the blue for 35 years.
but it's a pretty big reminder on this new year's
weekend of the year i turn fifty, that life moves
pretty quickly.

as i sat and talked about the new year last nite,
i could feel what was inside of me.

just a real strong urge to grab the year, to learn,
to grow, to not waste it.

to not waste it.

that was the big thing.

to sink my teeth into it and taste it.

guess i'll start today.
which will be fun.
my buddy can get pretty intense.
we can really egg each other on.
which makes me laugh just thinking of it.

i could go for a good eggin' on today.

think i'll jump right into that today.


a little tastin', not wastin' and some good
ol' eggin' the inspiration on......


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