Monday, January 31, 2011

happy birthday zakk!

it's my youngest son's birthday today!
nineteen years ago that guy made his way into the world.

and i tell ya, i am so glad he did.

i was just finishin' up changin' when i heard zakk open
his bedroom door. then i heard a 'good morning, noah.'
and then a 'happy birthday, zakk!' and i just grinned
so big.

i flew out my bedroom door just as zakk was making his
way over.

grabbing him and hugging him and not letting him go,
i tell him how glad i am that he's here.

and i mean it.

i hold him and it just lands on me how lucky i am to
have him.

he's grinning at the dramatic hello and i'm grinning
at him and it's a wonderful start to the day.

zakk has always been his own man. from the very beginning.
fiercely independent it's like he arrived here thinking
he was grown up. and that's never changed.

that's been a challenge for me. learning how to love
zakk in a way that honors who he is...and having to
communicate in a way that doesn't smother him and drive
him nuts.

and it's been a challenge for zakk learning how to love
me in a way that honors who i am...and having to communicate
more than is natural for him.

it's been a great thing for both of us.

i have such respect and love for this goofy guy of mine.
and i am so grateful he found his way here.
you can't find a more beautiful soul.

and we're celebrating him today!!!!
happy birthday zakk!

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AkasaWolfSong said...

Happy, Happy, Birthday Zakk!

Joy, Joy, Joy!