Sunday, January 30, 2011

thanking you...honoring you...

i wanted to stop a bit here and kinda hold a moment
and thank you guys who responded so openly to the
blog post about abortion.

sharing your stories...(and what stories they are!)
i think is always a positive. the healing power
of our stories is something i'm learning thru bone sigh arts.

sometimes i just wouldn't want to put some of my stuff
out there...for many reasons. but when i'd think that maybe
it could help one other person, i'd shut my eyes tight
and go for it. and i've always been amazed how that really
does matter.

and your doing that really does matter as well.
that's the coolest thing.
all of us doing that matters.

a few of the responses were public here......thank you for braving that.
and some were private.....thank you for braving that as well.

your stories have kinda woken me up a bit here
and reminded me to pay even more attention at allowing space for
people to be safe and to know that they are cared for- not in spite
of the their stories - but because of all of who they are - which
includes all of their stories.

it reminds me something i'm learning about loving someone.
to truly love, you have to love the all.
not just bits and pieces.

while i found that challenging at first, i now find something
so deep in there that i wouldn't have it any other way.
still challenging at times, but so worth it in the end as
it's taking me from some kindergarten form of love to something
real and deep.

all love must be like that.
and i want my life filled with that.

your stories helped remind me to keep working on that.
your stories remind me that truly living that will open the
space for people to be who they are. and there's no other
space i want to be in.

thank you for your trust and openness.

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