Wednesday, January 5, 2011


a few months back i had a heart to heart talk
with my neighbor. he was struggling with some
darkness that had him in its grip pretty good.

i was pretty concerned for awhile.
and it's such a fine line to walk to be there
and be helpful and not be hovering and a nuisance.
drove me crazy as i'm more prone to the nuisance
end and it's hard to just step aside and watch.

well, months make a difference, and now, he's
feeling better than ever. he's told me several
times recently how good he's doin' and it just
feels so good to hear. i was truly worried about him.
and now...he is sooooo much better.

and laughed with joy with him.
so much so that i thought i would burst.

i wandered out to put the mail out.
he had also wandered out for something and saw me.
he hollered over one heck of a peppy 'hey girl!'

i turned his way and laughed.
it was so good to hear.

put my mail in.
he did whatever he did, and he was headin' back
to his house.
he would have left it at that, but i called over
and asked what was new.

that was all it took......
he smiled big, and started running across his
yard to me arms outstretched.

'let's do one of those movie things' he hollered.

i laughed, opened my arms and went running towards him.

we hugged each other tight and he picked me up and
whirled me around in a circle.

i worried about him breaking his back and he set me

we laughed and he told me he felt so good.
better than ever.

and his whole face was lit up.

there are moments when i'm sure i touch heaven.
i am sure of it.

that twirling in the yard there was one of those moments.

it was complete joy.

and yeah, something i came after the

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Coleen said...

I love this post...I am starting to get glimpses of the quote that "after the storm clouds pass, the sun still shines" does feel good.....
Keep twirling girl!!

Heart Hugs,