Tuesday, January 25, 2011

more love again....

on a shallow level it could be viewed as just learning
how to get along with each other. learning each others

i woulda said that in my married days. that you need to do that.
and i think that's what i pretty much did.
and yeah, it was on the shallow level. which would be
one more factor that got piled in to add to the end of it all.

i'm learnin' different now.
last nite, in dealing with my guy, i watched both of us.
and grinned at how far we've come.

there were practical things goin' on. and i knew now
how he works in those moments and how i work in those moments.
and i knew now how to give him some space.

but there was something subtle goin' on.
there was a whole quiet dance that was goin' on.
it was more than giving space.
it was giving a respect for him doing things his way for

there was an allowing that wasn't just putting up with,
or dealing with...it was an allowing that made space
to see him.

i was trying to see him. and i had somehow made a space
where it was easy to do that in.

subtle and yet really really powerful.

cause something weird happened.

there was this flow that happened.

i'm not even sure he knows.
but i do.

and it made all the difference in the world to me.

gosh, i'm feelin' like this seein' stuff is brand new to me.
which is funny as i work on it all the time.
maybe i just turned a really good corner here.

sure hope i stay in this direction for awhile.
i'm likin' it....

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