Tuesday, January 25, 2011

love again

love is in the air and it's not even february!

i got a few private responses to my relationships
blog which made me think of doin' another on love.
but as i exercised this morning, i thought nah.....
we all have our own takes on it and we all focus
on the stuff that matters to us.

i figured i'd leave it at that.

and then the quote of the day came in.
my eyebrows went up when i saw this as it really
isn't my quote! i have to take it off the list.

my guy wrote this one. and there's a great story
that goes with it, but he'd kill me, so i have to
leave that outta here. too bad too....

anyway.......here's the quote:

“ maybe to love another
is to trust them enough
to use them as a mirror
for the love of one's self. ”

when i first read this, i had to print it out and
re-read it. i was doin' the dishes. i remember bringing
it up to my counter and reading it and washing dishes
and thinking on it. this was way back when we were just
buddies....and makes me smile remembering this.

i love this quote.
it brings in self love.
it shows how self love is entangled in any love.

someone told me once they thought it was really self centered.
they missed the point. so if you're goin' there, sit with it,
cause it's really awesome cool.

i believe with my whole heart that you can't really love
anyone else til you love yourself. i totally believe that.

and as we grow in our self love and understanding, we grow
in our ability to love outside ourselves.

february is always the month of love for me. i like to really
focus on it then. looks like it's leaking into january here...
and i'm kinda likin' that.

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