Monday, January 24, 2011

stayin' humble

ya know,'s kinda funny. some people come thru and
think that i've got this big business, and think i'm
way bigger than i am. and i always laugh. nah, it's just me.

and then......theres' the people who come thru and keep me

oh my gosh.

i just got a humble maker come thru. in person, actually.

a new(er) neighbor. he was over asking noah for some help.
passing thru my studio on the way out he asked to see some
of my art.

oh no.

we're standing right in the middle of the room. it's kinda
hard to say there isn't any available.

so i shyly go grab a piece.

i'm squirming knowing it's not gonna be his thing.

he reads one of my favorite pieces and shrugs.

i show him a few more pieces.

he looks up and in that incredible new york accent
says 'hey. it's a living.'

i am laughing and laughing as i type this.

what would i do without these people???

i get so many serious touching notes thru my life
about heart stuff and bone sighs and just life.

i need someone to look at me and say 'hey, it's a living.'
ya know??

keeps me way way way humble.
and that is a good thing.

laughin' and shakin' my head......

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