Saturday, January 8, 2011

not just another saturday

a friend just dropped me a note about a horrible accident
her daughter was in. she truly should not be here right now.
and she came out of it fine.
she came out of it fine.


her friend in the back may have a long road of recovery however...
and i think of her and her parents...

i read it and just kinda sat stunned.

that's not all.
my friend is dying.
it's a slow death - where she has plenty of time to think about it and wonder.
she talks of the hard spiritual work she's done and how she's entering
into even harder work. 'but i have no choice' she writes.

i sat there and read this note and just stopped.

it's not just another saturday.

i'm looking at the gifts i have in just rising to a full day
with my loved ones around me.

and i wanted to remind us all......

it's not just another saturday.....

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