Friday, January 7, 2011

on fire

there were these strings....
all coming together.

i didn't know that, of course.
cause i don't think we ever know that.

good or bad, we don't see how all the strings
are going to connect and wrap around inside of us.

these were good strings.
strings that were wrapping inside of me and making echoes
and making things vibrate.

finally, there were enough that something happened inside of


maybe they weren't strings.

maybe they were sticks.

maybe they were sticks being piled into a wonderful pile.

and finally there were enough.

and a fire just started.

it just plain ol' started.

it was there.

i couldn't have made it happen if i tried.
and yeah, i've tried.

it's not something you can make happen.

it just happens.

and one moment you feel it.

you feel it igniting inside of you.

and you know you're back.

you know you somehow found your way back.
or more found it's way back to you.

i'm on fire again.
and i'm back where i love to be.

and i can't embrace it fast enough.

i'm on fire.
and the glow is buzzin' all over me.
inside and out.

this is positively one of the best feelings in the world.
and it just happened.

stick after stick.
string after string.

maybe one of the stars inside me exploded and lit the others
up brighter!

maybe they all caught fire!

whatever happened....i'm lovin' it.


Michelle said...

Teri - I picked up your new book. And LOVE IT!!! Inspired my blog today. Keep pondering wondering and living. Your story matters to more than you know. Thanks for reminding me that I matter too.

Sherry said...

Oh Yay for you Terri!!!! That IS the best!!!