Friday, January 7, 2011

watching them

taking a walk this morning, i got the friendliest
wave from someone who drove by. i don't know who it
was as i can't see in the darn cars that early,
but it was someone from the neighborhood.

i gave a good friendly wave back and my heart just
warmed as i kept going.

i am so darn lucky, i thought.
there are so many really nice people surrounding me.

i thought of the last two business dealings i had,
both ended with really warm and caring sentiments.
actually, both ended with love.

now, they're not all that way.
i just had one that ended with someone walkin' away
and not yeah, i have some difficult
ones too. but there's a whole ton of them that are
amazingly kind and caring.

i was wondering how many people got to have a business
like this, when i thought of my sons. i thought of how
all three of them have the same thing going. even zakk,
who isn't as out there as much as the other two has some great
interactions. i've had people tell me how much they
love him.

when i read a comment from someone noah's interacted with
professionally telling him that he was a 'legend of a human,' i smiled.
and i can't attend anything of josh's without hearing and feeling the
love surrounding him.

that really hit me.

looking at them, i knew that they had drawn that energy to them.
i knew that their caring and giving had been given back to them.
it's easy to see looking at them.

i mentioned it to noah when i got back home.
told him how i saw his business was filled with love.

and his response?

EXACTLY what mine would have been if someone said that to me...

an enthusiastic 'oh, i know! i've been so lucky with that!'

he has no idea he's creating it.

made me think of my own self.

it made me nervous when my sons weren't going to college.
i wasn't thrilled. i wanted them to go do the normal deal,
get the normal security and that kinda thing.

when they told me that they'd seen me run my own business
and they wanted to try, i wasn't flattered. i wasn't tickled.
somewhere inside i was wishin' that i was a 'normal' example
for them.

this morning, i think i really see that i have taught them
something...and that it really was a good example.

and now, watching noah, i'm learning.

it's them that's creating their surroundings.
there's no question of that when i look at them.
which must mean that i'm doing that too.

we're all doing it.

all of us.

in watching them, i can see the importance and the value of it.

in watching them, i'm reminded of the power of our attitude.

in watching them, i rejoice.

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