Thursday, January 27, 2011

snow days

i love the adventures snow brings in....
there's ALWAYS something.

and while this wasn't snow related, it added to the fun!
my guy broke down on his way to work.

the best thing about one of us having car trouble is the
amazing support team you have all around you. there's
always someone with a vehicle available and the attitude
of wanting to be there for the other person as the other
person is always there for them. that's an incredible
thing to have in your life. and it's not lost for a second
on me that we have that network.

we had to clear the car and driveway to even begin
to get to him. noah came along and off we went adventuring...
leaving zakk to shovel out the neighborhood.

my guy was the sport of sports and i was really
proud of his attitude. noah was amazingly wonderful
and i was so proud of his good nature, and me?
well i was the morale booster and i just tried to
keep it all fun.

stopping for foo-foo coffees (the whipped cream good ones)
and bagels to bring home as our rewards for being heroes
we drove back, goodies in hand, to find zakk just as he
was beginning our elderly neighbor's driveway.

i had had my coffee by this time and between the adventure
on the highway and the realization that i hadn't missed all
the exercise opportunities from the snow, i was rarin' to go.
dropping off a chocolate chip bagel to my elderly neighbor
first....cause COULD she resist, i grabbed
a shovel and got in the guys' way.

i laughed with them, grunted a bit, twisted my back in
unhealthy ways, and marveled at the beauty of the day.

the only thing i missed were snow angels....

there's a time for has to be right......
but that's okay, there's always tonite....

i'm snugglin' in to catch up on the time missed from work
with a big smile on my face. i have the best family
in the whole darn world. and snow days always remind
me of that!

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