Wednesday, January 5, 2011

totally moved

a very special person sent me excerpts from 'the invitation'
by oriah mountain dreamer.

there were three great paragraphs and they all just hit
me between the eyes. all three of 'em.

and i'm sure all three will end up here being shared.
but the first one.......this one i sat and reread this morning.
my gosh i so needed to read this. i really feel just like
this and then....i get lost in stupid things. it's amazing
how easily i get sidetracked....

thought it would do me good to type it out and share it.

'when i imagine myself as an old woman at the end of my life
and ask myself how i will evaluate my time here, there is only
one question that concerns me: did i love well? there are a
thousand ways to love other people and the world - with our
touch, our words, our silences, our work, our presence.
i want to love well. this is my hunger. i want to make love
to the world by the way i live in it, by the way i am with
myself and others every day. so i seek to increase my ability
to be with the truth in each moment, to be with what i know.
this is what brings me to the journey. i do not want to live
any other way. and sometimes, i allow myself to imagine that
each moment in which we love well by simply being all of who
we are and being fully present allows us to give back something
essential to the sacred mystery that sustains all life.'

this totally moves me.
and reminds me of what it is i want to be doing.
and helps me put down all the junk i pick up along the way....

thank you, laura, for sending this my way...

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