Tuesday, January 4, 2011

there comes a time...


so this magic i was workin on.......
hmmmm....well in about 15 minutes, i blew it
and lost my cool with someone who drives me nuts.

and while i thought i prolly shouldn't have....
i gotta say it was just what i needed.
it was like something that was blocked inside of
me got unblocked.

i felt soooooooo much better.

and then i ran up to meet my friends for coffee.

i was gonna tell them the story. i pictured my arms
swinging wildly as i explained the bam/poof part
- but there was too many other things to talk about.

she greeted me with great news about stuff in her life.
and we dug right into that.

and the best part......the best part........
was this.....

i was feelin' unblocked and so much better, but still
not quite where i wanted to be. but i was quiet about
it. there was other things goin' on.

and my one friend leaned over to my other friend.
she got tears in her eyes and she told her that 'no
one is gonna do it for you. no one is gonna hand it
to you. there comes a time when you just know that
it's yours to take and you have to take it.'

all three of us teared up.
and as my other friend responded to her,
my insides just kind of opened up.
like they needed to open.

they so needed to open.
and there it was happening.
right there in the coffee shop.

and my friend had no idea she was talking to me too.

when i hugged her goodbye i told her she inspired
the daylights outta me.

i think i shoulda said she inspired the daylights
INTO me.....

cause i sure feel the magic right now......

there comes a time when you just need to know that it's
up to you. no one's gonna hand it to you. no one's
gonna do it for you. it's up to you to make it happen.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

terri, as i sit here reading your post, i'm fear-filled inside because i already put off ONE day of not working on my resume to get a job that i desperately need to support my daughter and i. yep, no one's gonna do it for me...so with YOUR inspiration, here i leap...eek...

W*R*O xo