Tuesday, January 4, 2011


i had started looking at these papers before i
went for a walk.
papers from when i was a kid. (see post below)

and as i walked i thought of some of them.
i had tried to be witty in more than a few.
and well......i didn't quite pull it off.
witty apparently wasn't my thing.

the artistic one among my siblings is truly
one of my brothers. he is incredibly creative.
and you can just see that in the stuff he did
when he was little.

i walked and grinned....hmmmm....none of that seemed
to be my forte, i thought. and i joked with my
inner child. in a very good natured way i said
'you know, girl, you're not that funny.' and then
i got sidetracked with the gorgeous sky. just kinda
ohhed and ahhhhed inside myself.

and i smiled and said to that little girl inside,
'you know what you're really really good at? wonder.
you're really really good at wonder. that's your
forte, girl. and i'm so glad you've got it.'


i do have that.

oh yeah, i can be creative, i know that.
and i can even be funny at times, i know that.
i wasn't down on myself.
i just knew where one of my strengths was.
and it's in wonder.

now how awesome cool is that?!

and i'm thinking that's what i need to nurture
right now.
my wonder.

wondering if you're nurturing what you need to right now?

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