Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a vow to my partner

i swear, love is on the brain lately.
well, more so than normal.

someone ordered 'a vow to my partner' yesterday.
normally, i grab the stuff and wrap it up, barely
noticing what i'm doing.

but this time i stopped and read it.
the whole thing.
thinking about it.
and i smiled...i am slowly really learning how to do this.
slowly. and yeah, i mess up a lot......
but you know what? i'm seein' progress.
and that makes me really happy.

i need to read this every so often to help me keep my focus.

thought i'd share:

a vow to my partner

i will be mindful of the act of loving you
every day of my life.

i will not take you for granted,
but will keep my eyes open to the treasure
that you are,
allowing room for your individuality and
your own uniqueness.

i will not try to bend you to my ways,
but rather open myself to your ways as
being part of who you are.

i will embrace all of you.
the dark parts along with the light.
because, together, those parts create
the being that i love.

i will accept you,
respect you and admire you.
and if something comes between us
to make me stumble with this,
i will go to you and ask your help
with my struggle.

i will bring my challenges to you,
looking for your thoughts and support
and i will return that support to you freely.

when i'm hurt, i will believe in your love for me,
i will bring you my hurt, and together we
will grow from it and then put it aside.

i will share all of myself with you,
for i know to receive your entire heart,
you must have mine.

together, we will work,
we will play,
we will laugh,
we will grieve,
and we will find our way.

together we will live gratitude.

together we will touch love.

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