Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the wise one inside

dreams are amazing.
i used to work with them all the time.
now i'm a big talker about dreams, but not much of a worker with them.
which is really lame considering how much i believe in them.

years and years ago i would have a recurring dream come up
when i was struggling with stuff inside of me.
a guy i used to know was featured in the dream. but it really
had nothing to do with him. he was just one of my first big crushes,
and symbolized 'love' to me. it took me awhile to figure that out.
but when i did, i was so excited about that.

eventually, i figured out those dreams were about my own self love.
and they would surface when i was struggling with that and learning
about that.

how cool is that?!

well nowadays i have a recurring dream when something big is
happening with my relationship with bob. i finally figured this out...
and yeah, it's been goin' on for years. and just like those earlier
dreams, they're always just a tad different, aiming at a certain
result....a certain resolution of the dream.

when the first series of dreams years ago made it to that result
(which was me finally marrying that guy....interpreted as me finally
loving my self) i stopped having the dreams.

i thought that was the coolest thing.

well, this round with my dreams......i'm not sure, but i'm thinking
the result that they're aiming for may have happened last nite.
if not, at least a really big significant chunk of it happened.

and i'm kinda in awe.

my dreams are showing my growth to me.

and yeah, i'm in awe.

a long time ago i trusted my insides so deeply, and listened
and followed so respectfully.

and while i still think i listen and follow, i think i had
forgotten that deep deep respect for that inner knowing we
carry around.

my dreams last nite reminded me of that.
there's an inner knowing.
and it's working with us.

i say that all the time and believe that.
but i forget just exactly what that means to me.
i don't stop and hold that enough.

and i love how it shows up sometimes.

and this morning i am feeling such a deep respectful gratitude
for that process.

i truly believe with my whole heart that we have a 'wise one'
inside...are we listening?

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