Thursday, January 20, 2011

walkin' into heaven...

i've got a couple projects on my mind that need sorting.
i've got music to rock out on, a recording of 'the dangerous old woman'
that i love, a heart that needs some airing out, and my travelin' earrings on.

at the other end of the road, i have a cousin i love dearly,
and a few of my adopted family members to introduce her to.
my surrogate mom is waiting for me with a hug, my adopted brother
is gonna be there to take a picture. and a good friend has stayed
in town when i thought he had left, so he's there too.

there will be multiple hugs, a lot of love showing up in goofy ways,
and the best part....hours and hours and hours and hours of girl talk.
i don't think i can get enough of words right now. i don't think it's
possible to have too much talk. i want to soak in conversations and

and i can't remember ever needing a trip like i need this one.

my computer got really really messed up with some major icky virus stuff.
computer genius zakk will be fixing it while i'm away. even that is perfect

i need to be touching love right now.
for multiple reasons i just want to touch it.
in a way that makes sense to me.
in a way that doesn't confuse me.
in a way that i can SEE right there in front of my eyes.
one of the best ways i do that is in conversation.
looking eyeball to eyeball at someone i love.

to be with someone who considers herself my 'star sister' is gonna be
so cool. even something as goofy as being with another vegetarian
is going to feel extra good. and the fact that she's actually blood
family completely ices the cake. she knows my history like few others.
and all she wants to do is talk and talk and talk for hours and hours
and hours.

excuse me....i think i'm walkin' into heaven!

and the funny part....there will be talking of struggles and helping
each other with hard stuff. it will be real life stuff...
that's one of the major pulls for both of us.
we need some support.
and yet, it will still be heaven.

i don't think that it's that we can't have struggles...

i think that it's that we need to feel heard, seen, supported and loved.
and that's what matters.
that's the heaven part.
even in the middle of struggles.

here's to love, in its very many forms!
and here's to a trip to a little bit of heaven!

1 comment:

Grace said...

sounds wonderful! Sounds like a perfect trip.

I hunger for girl talk too. Hoping the universe delivers that in bunches and bundles of love, just like I'm reading here.

have a fantastic trip!