Friday, January 21, 2011

rarin' to go again

ya know you need a road trip when you're haven't even driven
five miles and your whole heart is flowin' all over the darn
car, and the emotions are filling up the vehicle, and you need
to talk out loud because there's so much to address.

oh yes.

the drive in itself did wonders for me.

i swear, five miles out i was a different person.
i was already gaining perspective i needed.

singing and bellowing my heart out felt pretty darn good too.

coming home i took a wrong turn that added half an hour
to the two hour drive. oh well, more time to think, i can
deal with that. i turned off the music and dove into my thoughts.

sharing my adopted family with my cousin, checking out the
latest paintings of my surrogate mom, goofin' and teasin'
with my adopted bro and goin' to the studio of one of my
creative friends was just topping to it all.

it was the talking by the fire in our room....
the sipping wine and talking about our hearts.
it was the pondering of life and love and ourselves that
really got me thinking.

and thinking.
and thinking.

and appreciating.

i swear, my family should ship me off every month for a day
just so i put everyone in the proper perspective.
cause i came back just loving everyone to the brim.

and as far as my life goes......
i came back appreciating it a ton and really really wanting
to make the most out of it.

this is it, ya know?
the one we've got.
i want to live it so full hearted.........

rarin' to go once again.....

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