Friday, January 21, 2011

seeing stuff

i've only read one line out of this love book i got recently...
and it had to do with really seeing each other.
really looking at each other.

that's all i've seen in the book.
and that one thought is all over my mind.

it's such an important thing.
and such a big deal.

during my time outta town, we stopped in quick to see
a bud of mine. we pulled into his studio to see what he was
up to and say hello.

it was such a wonderful time for me, even tho it was so quick.
he was just delighted with all his new creations and was showing
us what he was up to. i got to do a little welding talk with him
and tell him how i was feeling about that. and he listened and
grinned at me.

i got to hear about his 'peace' pieces and i listened and grinned
at him.

i loved seeing his place. how he had made it a place he could just
be himself in and do whatever he liked. i loved seeing him doing
all kindsa things. i loved his collection of rocks, and stuff....
and i just plain loved the joy i saw in him.

i have always loved this man.
and i always will.
and seeing him in his studio this visit reminded me why.
and i thought of that love book....and how we really need to see
each other.

i felt like i saw him in that brief visit.
really saw him.
and i knew why i loved him.
and i felt so lucky to have him in my life.

i like this really seeing each other stuff......
it's a good good thing.

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Pamela Jones said...

You have me thinking of Avatar -- where "I see you" was the greeting of respect.