Thursday, January 13, 2011

whatever form it comes in...

something a friend said to me awhile ago has been kinda
echoing in my brain today...
i remember blogging about it when she first said it...
it was something about taking love in whatever form it
comes in.

i'm not sure why, but that's kinda bouncin' around my head
this morning.

i think you can take that and do a ton of things with it...
including making it a negative and sayin' 'wait a minute...
that's pretty dysfunctional.'

that's only cause i threw it in out of the blue.
if you heard her conversation, you would see it as pretty

i wrote it down when she said it.
i was so impressed with her attitude.

this morning....for whatever reason....i'm seein' love in
a thousand odd ways. it's all around.
and some of the forms are pretty subtle, some are in my
face, some are way different than i'd pick...
but it's all there. in different forms.

and how lucky am i to have that?
i was pretty worn out yesterday.
not really ready to work too much on the love stuff.
and so i didn't.

and today, i see it all around me, and that's enough for today.
that's where i'll leave it be.

just acknowledging it in whatever form it comes in.

cause sometimes just knowing it's there is way more than enough.

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