Friday, February 18, 2011


i quit early.
was gonna just snuggle in and relax.
walked into my dark bedroom to close the shades.
i reached for the cord before i really got in front
of the window.

arm up, reaching, i looked out the window and
smack in my face was the moon.


look at that.
my arm fell to my side.
and i just stood there and looked at her.

i'm gonna go sit with her.

leaving the shade up,
i turned and headed for my little front stoop.
sat down outside and just looked right at her.

soaked her in.

think i'll climb up on the roof and take pictures of her, i thought.

ran in to tell the guys the moon was out and i was heading to the roof.


i forget.
they have a real problem with me and the roof.

i back pedaled.
oh no.
not me.
not the roof.
oh no.

'mom, do you know that you really don't get any closer with
the picture on the roof??'

'yeah, but i FEEL closer.' i answered.
but oh no.
not me.
no roof.

i scuttled down the stairs thinking maybe i could get up
there real quick.

slipplin' my shoes on i heard the clumps of their feet.


darn it.
why don't i know better???
i was just so excited, i forgot they'd have a problem with it.

zakk grins at me and says 'well, *i* want to take photos of the moon.'
noah innocently says 'well, if EVERYONE ELSE is taking pictures, i want
to take some too.'

defeated, i just head out the door.

i'd given up on the roof.
i'd just go wander and take shots.
they come out with their stuff.
noah lends me his really nice lens. hooks me up on his tripod
and i start dancing with the tripod all thru the street.

how about here??? i say excitedly....
and over here?!!
and look! look! look at it from this view?!
i'm walking quickly all over the place with the tripod and
camera like my dance partner.

the temperature was beautiful.
the nite was perfect.
and the moon was talkin' to me.

the guys had joined in the mood.
no one could resist that nite.

we stayed out a bit.
the three of us and her.

well, she stayed out all nite.
we came in.

i was full with her.

how perfect is that, i thought when i went to bed.
i'm full with the full moon.

she was exactly what i needed.


Pamela Jones said...

Great minds think alike. Howling!

Merry ME said...

Moon? What moon?

I'm going to have to get out more!