Thursday, February 17, 2011

throwin' them a coconut....

so josh alienated someone on my behalf today and
i think normally i'd be uncomfortable with that.
but i don't know...i gotta say...i loved it today.
i just loved it.

now i gotta throw in there that i finally, finally
got my period after a nice long edgy build up to it.
and now nothing's bothering me and lots of things
are amusing me that shouldn't.

and i prolly should try to balance out a bit.
but ya know.....who the heck cares. i'm liking feeling
amused instead of edgy.

i wish i could keep this forever.

the guys are pretty protective of me.
and josh was havin' an angry moment anyway, and well,
he just wanted this guy to keep his distance.
so he pretty much let him know that.

ya know, mostly i want to be an independent woman.
but sometimes...sometimes...i gotta say, it's nice
to have that testosterone rear up and watch out for you.
sometimes that just feels so darn good.

as i was still kinda grinnin' about all this, noah
approached me. he noticed the amused mood and hoped it
might be a good time to break some family news to me
that he knew had the potential to send me thru the roof.

he told me.
my eyes got big.
i was stunned.
and then i laughed.

'you're kidding me?!"

i realized the potential stress on noah and quickly made
sure he knew i was okay. i was really, really okay.

and i know he was looking for the right time to tell me.
he, also, was lookin' out for me.

i looked out right back, wanted to make sure i took care of
him too, and put him at ease. and this time i didn't have to
force the correct words. this time all i did was laugh.

and i've been walkin' around grinnin' ever since.

you know what?
there's a whole lotta people out there i don't want to be like.
a whole lotta people.

they can all have each other.
they really can.

and that just feels good.

i think they can go sit on that island i was talking about in the post

think i'm comin' off that island and takin' back my neck of the woods.

that just feels more right.

i have an island that's perfect for these other guys.
i even left 'em a few coconuts!

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Nurse Practitioner Sue said...

Ter, I think that between you and I we'd have a semi-full island so we better find one that as big as, well...New Zealand? Iceland? Newfoundland? No, wait that's too close to us. How about the South Pole?