Tuesday, February 1, 2011

life's magic

there's been some stuff goin' on in my life the
last couple of weeks that has been really really good.
beyond good....heavily filled with the magic of life.

ohhhh...that's a great line.
i like that.

i haven't put it out here all that much cause there's
too many strings, and all the long stories.

thing is.....what's goin' on inside of me is what i consider
the spiritual part of my life. and i don't know how to
describe that and yet i feel like of all things to put out
in my blog, i need to at least touch in on that.

but i get stuck.
cause for me, all the words tangle and mean the same things
and won't make sense. cause somehow for me, god is totally
related to my heart. my heart is totally connected to my soul.
and it's all encompassed in the real meaning of love...
whatever that is.

you can see why this is hard.
i wrote three bone sighs i'm gonna put here as my explanation.
and i guess my bottom line is i remembered again.
i have touched in again on stuff i haven't touched in a long time.

some belief has landed back inside of me.

it found its way out of that cave of mine where i had tucked
everything in to see what would happen.....

it found its way out. and lately, i have been feeling
exhilarated with it. i feel a little bit....a little bit...
like i've been dancing with god.

she knew she had to release and did so.
she did so.
it was then her heart spoke to her -
and she heard it.
hearing it, she acknowledged it,
embraced it -
valued it.
and the magic came flooding in.


knocked right on over in the flood of magic,
she grinned from ear to ear.
it feels good to be back, she thought,
as she splashed in its waters,
letting the glow wash over her.


the dreams had shifted.
she saw this and knew.
the knowing was so deep it felt holy.
and she remembered the wise one inside of her.
closing her eyes, she remembered she wasn't alone.

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