Friday, February 4, 2011

a new widget on its way...

hey! hey! hey!
i just got done foolin' around with the amazon widgets.
hopefully in a few days i'll have one on the blog here!
i thought since i'm always rambling about a good book,
that'd be a fun thing to have here!

i listed my top favorite books i could think of....
which includes the two i'm reading now that i just love!
haven't mentioned one yet, but will soon as it's just
rockin' the socks off me!

if one of the books i'm talkin' about sounds great,
you can just go to their handy dandy widget!
my gosh, i need a bone sigh widget! what a great idea!

that'll be up in a few days.
just wanted to announce it.
these little things tickle me....

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