Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a resounding yes!

sometimes i get a book in my hands and i just tremble
with the excitement of the possibilities inside.
sometimes i get disappointed not too far into it...
so i don't know yet about this book...but it had
me trembling last nite...and i've got great hopes for it!

the very first quote on the very first chapter
caught my breath -

'the law of life lives in the hero with his
unreserved consent.'

stop and read that one again.

ohhhhhhhhhh.....i just loved that.

'unreserved consent'....mmmmmmmmm.......good stuff.
oh...that quote is by mircea eliade

and then one paragraph in he tells us the four
main 'givens of life.'

we are ultimately alone;
things are transitory;
life is unpredictable and often unfair;
suffering seems to be a universal experience.

okay. i like this guy already.
and then he goes on to say we confront these
issues with an adult response or the response
of a scared child.

raisin' my hand over here as one who knows the
scared child well!

the book is called 'when love meets fear' by
david richo and i'm thinkin' i am gonna just love
this guy.

already he's affecting my time on the treadmill
and my morning walks!

the quote on the top of the chapter just grabbed
me and as i was doin' the treadmill deal i kept
thinking 'say a resounding yes to life!'

i just kept thinking of the 'resounding yes'....
i've heard that somewhere - don't know where -
and that quote just brought that up in me.
and i thought of all the times i want to say a
resounding 'no!' or a resounding 'seriously?!'

gotta work on that.

and then as i walked, i thought of the four givens
and how they're good news, not dreary news.
of how they actually can bring you more happiness
and joy by knowing them.

i think my unhappiness comes from fighting them.
and i think joy and gratitude would be generated
by knowing them, accepting them, and embracing all
of life.

again......i can raise my hand as one who knows the
scared child all too well.

so hunker down with me.......we have a book that's
gonna get spilled out here a lot, i'm thinking.

and i'm saying a resounding yes to that!

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