Monday, February 28, 2011


i thought of her this morning.
she's traveling a lot right now.
in and out of town.
was tryin' to figure out if she was home yet.

a few hours later, she called.
in town. came in last nite.
leaving again tomorrow.

'so. how ARE you?' i asked her while i had her in my
grasp for a few minutes.

she immediately launched into a story that involved
her feeling like she had ashes falling from her.
(in a good way)

i grinned and listened and ohhhed and ahhed and
was delighted for her.

'so. how about YOU?' she asked me.
'well, funny you should mention ashes' i said to her.
and i launched into my white tree story.

she launched into another of hers.
a great visual of growing her self worth.

we marveled how all this was going on at the same time
for each of us.
there were so many similarities it was amazing.
including the wacko visuals.

and then i laughed and pointed out how we always
seem to go straight to the weird stuff together.

making plans for a real catch up later, we said goodbye.

i went back to work with the biggest smile on my face.

i know i rave a lot about girlfriends.
but seriously, there is nothing like them.
and ones you can be weird with at a drop of a hat?!
oh man, those are the best......

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