Tuesday, February 8, 2011

way way enough

i was frustrated this morning.
truly frustrated.
and so i walked. fast.
except i had a sock problem.

oh my gosh.
sock problems on walks when you're frustrated -
well, it's just not good.

well, then again, maybe it is good.
cause i felt pretty silly leanin' on my neighbor's
fence slipping my foot outta my sneaker and having
it come out sockless.

ohhh chilly.

and um....well......this happened more than once....
and by the second time i was laughing.
third time i was rolling my eyes and grinnin'.

so, okay, maybe sock problems are just what you need
some days.

somewhere along the line as i was walking extra gently
so as to keep my sock on, i thought of how hard i try
at life.

i really really really try hard.

and somewhere as i stepped gently a little voice said
'just let go and show yourself compassion.'

instantly, my whole body melted.

i could just feel all this stuff just fall offa me.
(and believe it or not, my sock stayed on!)

i looked at who i was and how hard i had been working
and how much i had been offering, and i just kinda
held myself. i so needed a hug.
so i just kinda gave it to myself.

i don't have to do anything today, or be anything today.
except loving to myself.

that's it.
and that's way way way enough.

the breeze came by just then.
i love breezes.
i closed my eyes and felt it on my face,
thru my hair.

'hug me' i thought.
and it did......

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Tracy said...

This is great. Thank you